Tips To Sell Your House Fast In India

Do repairs

First impression counts. A simple repaint adds great sale value to your property. Fixing broken windows, leaking faucet, chipped-off plaster, and damaged stairs, may seem insignificant, they can spike your property value significantly.

The idea is to make your property look comfortable and visually appealing for prospective inhabitants.

Clear the clutters

Declutter your property and keep it clean. Ensure the closets and other storage spaces are well organized. And remember, property buyers love space. So, ensure you highlight those spacious areas in the home, as they are key segments of every home.

Keep relevant documentation handy.

Now, search out all the relevant legal documentation created during the purchase. Ensure all these documents are complete and handy to avoid last-minute hitches. Here are documents you should have handy before you put your property up for sale:

  • Letter of allotment
  • Previous sales deeds
  • Sanctioned plan
  • Encumbrance certificate
  • Sale agreement
Settle all outstanding dues

Ensure all the dues associated with the property –including water bill, electricity, property tax, lease amount, and the likes are clear. outstanding dues can bring up issues during the transaction which may ruin the deal.

Fix a competitive price

Of course, everyone wants the best deal for their property, but quoting too-high may scare potential buyers. First, you may want to compare market prices, be abreast of price trends. Browse through listings on property sales websites like Rentostay and compare prices. This will go a long way when contemplating a competitive rate for your property.

Fix appropriate dates

Define a timeframe within which you intend to sell your property. Ensure you’re set to pass the property title to the new owner within the stipulated duration. This timeline will make the entire process seamless.

Quality images will help

If you wish to advertise your property through the social media platforms or via a real estate website like Rentostay, get good in-and-out photos of the property and post them. Remember photos are the first impression your buyers get about your property. They sure add great value to your home, increasing the chances of getting contacted by online prospects.

Go on – Flaunt your property online

Now, everything looks set. It’s time to advertise your property. Tell your relatives and friends about your property and most importantly, use online platforms. Online platforms have become the most effective way to showcase goods and services. Being a more stress-free and less time-consuming, most people search for properties online.

One perk of going online is that it gives you wide reach and helps you attract buyers from afar. It helps you meet an audience that may not be possible through conventional advertorial means. To make your online adverts more effective, here are helpful tips:

  • Upload multiple top-quality pictures
  • Specify features and highlight the highpoints of the property.
  • Do not make false claims. Fact is, your buyer will eventually uncover any incorrect information which may ruin the deal

If you seek to sell a property in Chennai and across India, Rentostay, a Chennai-based property agency is your best bet. They offer both free and premium ad services.

With Rentostay, it’s simple – ensure you do as advised above, then, go ahead, upload your advert and wait for a call from prospective buyers.