Property Managers | Estate Agents in Chennai

Property Managers | Estate Agents in Chennai

The key services that are provided within our typical property management are:

  • Representing the property owners / Prospective tenant
  • Negotiating the rent / lease amount
  • Rental agreement and inventory making
  • Registering the tenant in the govt. tenancy portal
  • Refundable deposit collection
  • Rent collection
  • Any small/minor repairs taken care on behalf of property owners
  • Lease compliance
  • Service charge control and expenditure management
  • Procurement and contractor management
  • Renewal of rental / lease agreement
  • Property visits on regular intervals
  • Assistance in vacating the property
  • Renovating the property
  • Maximising the rental income to the maximum
  • Running and managing the Property in a serviced apartment concept

Property Managers | Estate Agents in Chennai

December 16, 2019


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