Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Every online user can search for properties on Rentostay without any registration.

It’s absolutely free. You can advertise multiple products at no cost. However, we also run a premium package which gives you better visibility and for a more extended period.

We help you expose your property to a wide audience and increase your chance of the best deals cost-effectively. With our service options, there’s a package that suits your advertising need.

Your property will be visible on the search pages for up to 30 days for a free membership package. Premium ads are active and visible for 90 days. We send you regular updates on your listings.

There are two options. Prospects can either contact you via an email link provided in your listing or through your account’s mailbox.

You can list any property available for sale, lease, or rent. Even if your property is still under construction, you can post but with a specific date of expected completion. Perhaps you could get a buyer/tenant who would wait until completion.

No, we can’t. Property owners can put up their property for sale at any rental amount they wish. That said, note that prices are determined by demand. So, your property may remain vacant for long if buyers perceive your rate too high. Property location, cost of materials, and property features are typical determinants of cost.

Buyers may ask for:

  • Title Deed
  • Encumbrance Certificate
  • Original Sale deed
  • And relevant tax receipts

A residential property sale is formalized when the seller gets the full consideration cost, document registration carried out and the buyer has been granted the possession of the property.

It’s simple. Visit renttostay.com and click “Post Ad”. Click on “Create Account,” enter your account and click register. It’s as easy.

We run several services to give widespread visibility to properties and enable landlords and developers to reach their target audience across India. For more inquiries, call +919500027090 or mail us at hello@rentostay.com

Yes. While a list price is the asking price sellers put up on their adverts, a sale price is an actual cost at which a home sells.

We verify and screen all postings before the images go public. This helps us to monitor the activities on our website and protect visitors' interests. This verification process usually spans 24 hours, after which the listings show up on the result page.

Sale deeds, latest tax receipts, building plan approval, clear and market title, encumbrance certificate, occupancy certificate, and possession certificate.

Our friendly and dedicated customer care team is available 24/7 to resolve any concerns and assist you through any hitch that may arise while using our platform. You can reach us on +919500027090 or send us a mail at hello@rentostay.com. Our responses are commendably fast.

Although we’d soon have our services spread across all cities in India, presently our property management service is available in Chennai, only.

You can – with the financial institution’s consent.

It becomes much easier if the buyer intends to buy the property with a loan from the same bank. At such, the bank will not have transfer the property document to another bank before receiving payment.

No. We can't guarantee tenants' behavior. We can only advise on the tenant’s ability to pay the agreed rent and fees and predict whether the tenant can maintain your property too.

No. we only work for you. You are in control of the limitations outside the law including the length of lease, allowing pets or not, etc.

We keep you abreast of all the happenings within your premises at all times, including maintenance and repairs.

Our team of professionals and over 14 years’ experience in commercial and residential property management globally speaks volume. As far as Chennai, India is concerned, we lead. Our activities reflect our focus - to meet the needs of our highly esteemed customers and at affordable rates.

We offer outstandingly fast high-quality housing stocks to our widespread prospects. It’s always a smooth experience with our services – for tenants and landlords alike.