Are you an NRI and have a property in Chennai?

Are you an NRI and have a property in Chennai?

NRI property management services Chennai. Are you an NRI and own a property in Chennai city. Are you finding it difficult to manage your property, are you struggling to find a tenant and manage the rental property, are you searching for a good and honest property managers. Don’t worry about this you have reached the Rentostay, contact us now to know how we can manage your property, we the Rentostay team are the best guys who can support, assist and manage your properties at Chennai. Just call us or email us to know how. Our property management teams can deliver an effective service that will maximize clients return on investments from all of their properties. We can safeguard your properties on behalf of you. 

The key services that are provided within our NRI property management are:

    • Representing the property owners / tenants
    • Finding tenants / Replacing the tenants
    • Background checks / Tenant Screening
    • Negotiating the rent / Lease amount
    • Rental agreement / Lease agreement / Leave and License agreement making
    • Inventory text list / Inventory photographs / Inventory videos of the house
    • Registering the tenant in the Govt tenancy portals and local police stations
    • Refundable deposit collection
    • Rent Collection / Rent Tracking
    • Any small/minor repairs taken care on behalf of property owners
    • All Legal on property renting taken care on behalf of property owners 
    • Move in and move out inspection
    • Service charge control and expenditure management
    • Procurement and contractor management
    • Renewal of rental / lease agreement
    • Property visits on regular intervals
    • AMC follow ups for house appliances and equipments
    • Assistance in vacating the property
    • Utility bill / tax payments
    • Assistance on Interior Designing the new property / renovating the existing property
    • Promote the property for re-sale / rentals
    • Maximising the rental income to the maximum
    • Specialised in expat rental property management
    • Company guest house and corporate accommodations management
    • Running and managing the property in a holiday rental or serviced apartment concept
    • Monitoring the plots / vacant land
    • Affordable property management services in Chennai, India

Are you an NRI and have a property in Chennai?

December 16, 2019


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